This is me.
I’m a second year Industrial Design student at RMIT.
I’m also the president of the RMIT Science Fiction and Gaming Association.
Industrial design excites me like nothing else.
I couldn’t see myself in any other field, because I see design everywhere.
I am obsessed with objects.

Italian (Sicilian, Latina) / Anglo heritage. Melbourne born and bred.
I feel like this shines through in a lot of my design.
The universe fascinates me, and I make a point of learning about it.
I have a very diverse taste in aesthetic, aural and subcultural areas.
I enjoy reading, as well as craft in many forms. I was crafting at a very young age.
I am a strict vegetarian, and a supporter of punk lifestyle ideology.

My design principles are much like my principles of existence:

  • Minimal environmental impact
  • Animal and biologically friendly
  • Choices that are ethical
  • Choices that are durable and sustainable
  • Flexibility and ingenuity, in use and change
  • Everything must have a purpose
  • Accessibility over exclusivity
  • Anything can be made to look beautiful


If you’re interested in my work, references or casual design work,
contact me at jacinta@lonigro.name for details, references and/or a resume.


  1. Claire
    January 31, 2014 at 9:14 pm

    Hey there,

    Just finished reading the oral you did for English in regards to VCE and I couldn’t agree more! I’m currently preparing my oral which is in 3 weeks time and I’m focusing on abolishing the scaling system but I think i’ll have to broaden my topic so i have a strong argument.

    After browsing through your blog I stumbled across the books you made and was just wondering whether you still make them?


  2. Cinnah
    February 7, 2014 at 1:08 pm

    Hi Claire, yes I still make them! You haven’t left me an email address but as I commented on the other page – please get back to me through the email address listed in this section.

    Thanks 🙂 hope it goes well!

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