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2P or not 2P: Patriarchy and Privilege

Note: there are links scattered throughout this article with relevant sources and interesting biddlybobs, so jump on it. This article is talking through gender binary, because I don’t feel like I would be able to accurately represent trans and inter people, and hence will not cover these issues in this article.
I am covering: Patriarchy, Privilege, what Feminism is and means in today’s context, and what makes you a Feminist.

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Evolulignum: MC Escher Floorboards

Check this out! (Site in Spanish)
Spanish floor designs company ‘Evolulignum’ has created floorboards in the style of Escher’s famous geometric lizard pattern!
I would love to have something like this (though I’m sure it’s costly)
A small reminder about how magical the cross over between mathematical patterns and art can be.
As a big fan of Escher’s work, it’s great to see his pieces coming to life in such a subtle, classy means of tribute.


Three products that are changing people’s lives.

As a part of my uni studies I’ve had to research products that have had an impact on developing nations. These are some of the outstanding products that have just blown my mind with either their simplicity, ease of function or long standing impression on people’s lives.

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Applebottom jeans, boots with the Derps.

I’m 20 later this year, and I feel like I’m yet to pass through a certain rite of passage.
I have been told I haven’t earnt my place in adulthood because I haven’t been drunk in public. I haven’t been clubbing. Not once – not even just to see ‘what it’s like’. I haven’t pursued the ‘no strings attached hook up’ either, so I haven’t expressed my liberation as an adult, right? That is how it feels. That is what people tell me.


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The Hands Project (Barcelona)

This is the Spanish street project titled “Hands”, by a group of rebellious visual artists.
What I love about this is the sheer zeitgeist that comes with it, and the cleanness and simplicity (yet intricacy and delicacy) of the hands themselves.
For a while I have been interested in this form of guerrilla street art – taking parts of a city space as your own in ways other than juvenile tagging.
It really enthralls me to see an audience so accessable and captivatable, and to see the general public’s mental cogs turning to try and process the meaning of the statements.

If you want to find out more about the project, check it out here.

The War Is Over: Work In Progress

The War Is Over

The War Is Over

In my spare time (and I doubt I’ll have much of that now that uni has started up) I’ve started working on one of many projects.
This is a work-in-progress of Bioshock splicers (Toasty and Lady Smith) done in the style of a mid-century airbrushed film poster, and modeled as a tribute to the famous photo of the kiss of relief between a sailor and nurse on the streets of New York, when they hear the news of WWII ending.

Over time I intend on working at this some more when I have the time. When it is completed I intend on archiving it in my portfolio.

I have never wanted a specific key so badly

The Key to /my/ heart.
What a fantastic design.
Made out of brass.


Available for $8.95 USD at CoolMaterial, it’s a pretty sweet catch.
Next time I’m moving house, definitely on the list.

And to go with that? This great magnetic key dock from GamaGo for $8

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