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Time for Yourself: Addressing Anxiety

My studio project for semester 2 2013 was “Time For Yourself”. The direction I chose in this was to look at how to bring people who put so much weight in the future or what might happen that they lose track of the day-to-day. The project ended up being much more conceptual than intended, though personally I am quite pleased with the poetic and subtle aspects of the final that I presented (although my blind assessor, an architect, did not ‘get it’!)
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Tech Semester 2, 2013: Goldberg Machine

Although not my best work (quite rushed, I didn’t plan properly for this one, I admit), I had to make a prototype of and then 3D CAD a concept of a 500 x 500 x whatever height mm Rube Goldberg counterpart of a class-length consistently functioning machine, passing a golf ball from one end to the other.

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Technology Semester 2, 2013: Controller Design

Another project from Technology 2, was the controller project.
This project used the criteria of Solidworks surfacing techniques (for ergonomics), the use of an OEM component (in this case Sanwa buttons) and the inclusions of internal figurement.

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Technology Semester 2, 2013: Life Size

This is an assorted collection of all of my work from semester 2, 2013 in the Technology (manufacturing and technical softwares) classes.

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Timor Leste: Design for change

My final concept for the Timor project was a crafting system that both reduced the amount of plastic waste, as well as introduced literary and numeracy skills to women through craft.

Proposition: To teach crochet to remote communities as a means of education, reducing waste and self-managing business

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Design Studio: Semester 2, 2012

This is a chair made from one sheet of dibond, created by my design studio group.
The brief was to make a two seater chair for a family setting.
video was made of its creation process.

Design Studies: Semester 2, 2012

My design studies for semester 2 was called Thingspeak.
This focused on the taxonomies of objects, and consideration of those taxonomies when observing and creating objects.
A large part of this was the creation of several recognisable objects such as handmade cameras and books.
I now create and sell one of a kind books in the “Handmade Store” section of this website.

Design Studio: Semester 1, 2012

This is the final product of my Design Studio component of the Industrial Design program.
The brief was to create a pendant light. This light is designed for a nursery, and titled “Oh the Places You’ll Go!” as a tribute to Doctor Seuss.

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