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Time for Yourself: Addressing Anxiety

My studio project for semester 2 2013 was “Time For Yourself”. The direction I chose in this was to look at how to bring people who put so much weight in the future or what might happen that they lose track of the day-to-day. The project ended up being much more conceptual than intended, though personally I am quite pleased with the poetic and subtle aspects of the final that I presented (although my blind assessor, an architect, did not ‘get it’!)
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Tech Semester 2, 2013: Goldberg Machine

Although not my best work (quite rushed, I didn’t plan properly for this one, I admit), I had to make a prototype of and then 3D CAD a concept of a 500 x 500 x whatever height mm Rube Goldberg counterpart of a class-length consistently functioning machine, passing a golf ball from one end to the other.

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Timor Leste: Design for change

My final concept for the Timor project was a crafting system that both reduced the amount of plastic waste, as well as introduced literary and numeracy skills to women through craft.

Proposition: To teach crochet to remote communities as a means of education, reducing waste and self-managing business

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Tattoo Design: Kitty Sera Sera


A friend of mine wanted a tattoo designed of a cat, that somehow featured the words ‘Que Sera Sera’, possibly chasing a butterfly.
I drew up these two designs about a year ago, and although she liked them much – the 50s style cartoon cat was definitely her style – she wanted a more realistic one, which isn’t really my area of expertise.

I am still really happy with these designs, so I have added them to my portfolio.

Please excuse the blurriness.

Figure Design Communications: Semester 2, 2012

This is my self portrait from the figure class in design communications.

Design Communications: Semester 1, 2012

This is an example of marker work from semester 1 of the Industrial Design program, 2012.
This is a redesigning of a chess set, using glass and chrome, and the motif of traditional elements.

Studio Arts: 2011

This was the childhood self portrait part of my final piece for Studio Arts in year 12.

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