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Timesplitters Logo: Spaceways

A good friend of mine asked me to do a high quality render of a logo from one of his favorite games of all time: Timesplitters.

The logo is from a level named ‘Spaceways’.

Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, combined 2 hours work.

Fredrator Studios Inspired Portrait

This is a self portrait inspired by Fredrator Studios and Pendleton Ward’s works (Bravest Warriors, Adventure Time).
Couldn’t figure out a nice way to get glasses and piercings in.
Really quickly done during breaks between readings.

Total 1.5 hours, done with mouse in illustrator, because my tablet broke a while ago.
Currently unfinished and in progress.
Nothing too special, just a way of getting back into digital mediums.

Tattoo Design: Kitty Sera Sera


A friend of mine wanted a tattoo designed of a cat, that somehow featured the words ‘Que Sera Sera’, possibly chasing a butterfly.
I drew up these two designs about a year ago, and although she liked them much – the 50s style cartoon cat was definitely her style – she wanted a more realistic one, which isn’t really my area of expertise.

I am still really happy with these designs, so I have added them to my portfolio.

Please excuse the blurriness.

SFGA: Club Pieces

This is the coat of arms I designed for the RMIT Science fiction and gaming association last year.
The D20 with the ring around it is now the official club logo, and the coat of arms is now officially used on other related materials.
The gallery below contains many more of the other associated designs I have contributed voluntarily to the club.
Unfortunately for the smaller designs (business card and club card) the pointer for next image does not change its place in relation to the dimensions of the image. Hopefully I’ll be able to adjust this in the future.



Old Website Design: 2011

This is the old template I had designed for my website, when it was still predominately a writing blog.

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