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Video: Masculinity in the 1940s and 50s

This is my final assessment for the class ‘Sex Sells’ (semester 1, 2013), in which we looked at design and marketing in relation to gender studies and sexual objectification.

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Time for Yourself: Addressing Anxiety

My studio project for semester 2 2013 was “Time For Yourself”. The direction I chose in this was to look at how to bring people who put so much weight in the future or what might happen that they lose track of the day-to-day. The project ended up being much more conceptual than intended, though personally I am quite pleased with the poetic and subtle aspects of the final that I presented (although my blind assessor, an architect, did not ‘get it’!)
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Tech Semester 2, 2013: Goldberg Machine

Although not my best work (quite rushed, I didn’t plan properly for this one, I admit), I had to make a prototype of and then 3D CAD a concept of a 500 x 500 x whatever height mm Rube Goldberg counterpart of a class-length consistently functioning machine, passing a golf ball from one end to the other.

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Technology Semester 2, 2013: Controller Design

Another project from Technology 2, was the controller project.
This project used the criteria of Solidworks surfacing techniques (for ergonomics), the use of an OEM component (in this case Sanwa buttons) and the inclusions of internal figurement.

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Technology Semester 2, 2013: Life Size

This is an assorted collection of all of my work from semester 2, 2013 in the Technology (manufacturing and technical softwares) classes.

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Bothered By Discomfort: Punk & Riot Grrrl

Bothered by Discomfort is a theory elective unlike any other. The whole point it to reach into your inner pet peeves and voice them, using design as a platform for critique and rebellion.

My focus for the class was the implications and causation of the movements “Punk” and “Riot Grrrl” in the context of modern society.
My final outcomes (a scrapbook journal, a poster set, a publication) I feel all reflected these themes and understanding of them to the best of my abilities.

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Timor Leste: Design for change

My final concept for the Timor project was a crafting system that both reduced the amount of plastic waste, as well as introduced literary and numeracy skills to women through craft.

Proposition: To teach crochet to remote communities as a means of education, reducing waste and self-managing business

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Design Tech: CAD & Tech Models Sem 1, 2013

Here’s a collection of my ‘lego block’ and character mask CAD (solidworks) models from my technology classes, as well as the pinkysil and resin casting from semester 1 2013.

Please enjoy the gallery 🙂


Timor Leste: Origin Energy Solar Proposal

As an assignment for my ‘The Other 90%” class, in groups we had to work out a possible strategy to implement a product in East Timor to create economic benefit for all parties involved.

Given the scenario of Alternative Energy, my group chose an Australian ‘Best Practice’ energy provider and set about writing a report/presentation to justify and plan the hypothetical scenario out, using the tools of the Industrial Design and Marketing trades.

I will attach a copy of the report when I figure out the most efficient way of hosting the (rather large) pdf.

Origin logo and branding is in copyright respective to them, we are not representing the company or claiming to speak on their behalf, as this strategy themed assignment is entirely hypothetical and in no relation to Origin as a company.

I’d like to thank my colleagues Mark and Audrey on their research and input. All of the graphics that aren’t specified copyright are created and therefore copyright under myself of my colleagues.

Timesplitters Logo: Spaceways

A good friend of mine asked me to do a high quality render of a logo from one of his favorite games of all time: Timesplitters.

The logo is from a level named ‘Spaceways’.

Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, combined 2 hours work.

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